(A)   (1)   There is created and established a department of economic development which shall be controlled by the city Economic Development Commission as hereinafter provided.
(Ord. 1985, passed 10-9-1967)
      (2)   There shall be five commissioners of the city Economic Development Commission. Each successive commissioner shall be appointed for a term of four years beginning February 1 following the expiration of the initial terms.
(Ord. 7, 1980, passed 3-24-1980)
      (3)   The Commission shall have all the rights, privileges, duties, and responsibilities prescribed by statute.
(1987 Code, § 2-202)
   (B)   There shall continue to be established an Economic Development Commission organized under I.C. 36-7.
(1987 Code, § 2-18) (Ord. 1, 1992, passed 1-6-1992)
Statutory reference:
   Economic development commissions, see I.C. 36-7-12-5
   Powers and investigative duties, see I.C. 36-7-12-17 and 36-7-12-18