(A)   The city provides its police officers with a service weapon for use in the line of duty.
   (B)   Upon retirement with 20 or more years of service to the city, police officers are authorized to retain as their own the service weapon issued to them as a tribute for their service.
   (C)   The Pension Board of the city Police Department is authorized to make any determinations and settle any disputes on issues which may arise concerning the award of a service weapon to a retired policeman for service to the city Police Department.
(1987 Code, §2-215) (Ord. 20, 1984, passed 9-10-1984; Am. Ord. 20, 1986, passed 12-8-1986; Am. Ord. 3, 1987, passed 2-9-1987; Am. Ord. 10, 2021, passed 4-12-2021)