§ 154.06 CAMP MANAGER.
   (A)   Every trailer camp shall be constantly under the direct supervision of a camp manager who may be the owner or licensee or his or her agent or representative, and who shall at all times reside on the premises occupied by the trailer camp.
   (B)   It shall be the duty of the camp manager to:
      (1)   Provide for the daily collection, removal, and proper disposal of garbage and other waste material, the collection and disposal of which shall be at the expense of the owner or licensee;
      (2)   Prohibit the placing or storage and prevent the accumulation of unsightly materials or articles of any kind;
      (3)   Prohibit the spilling of sink or other domestic wastewater upon the ground;
      (4)   Report immediately to the Health Office all suspected cases of communicable diseases;
      (5)   Report immediately to the Chief of Police all acts of a disorderly character committed within the trailer camp;
      (6)   Provide for regular cleaning, painting, repairing, and disinfecting of all buildings; and
      (7)   Perform other duties as may be required by any health officer to maintain the trailer camp in an orderly, decent, and healthful manner.
(1987 Code, § 6-175) (Ord. 1064, passed 6-19-1942)