(A)   The owners of property having trees that fall within the scope of this subchapter and wish to have those trees removed or trimmed shall do so at their own expense.
   (B)   At the direction of the legislative body and at times suggested by the city forester, the city forester shall obtain bids from at least two arborists on the cost of trimming all the trees or removing damaged trees that fall within the scope of this subchapter and which, in the judgment of the city forester, need trimming or removal and shall submit the estimate to the legislate body for its consideration.  If the City Commission determines that the city budges is able to allow the city to participate in a tree trimming or tree removal project, it shall then advise the property owners that the city will participate in the trimming or removal of the trees that fall within the scope of this subchapter to an extent not exceeding 30% of the overall cost of tree trimming or tree removal.
   (C)   In no event will the city reimburse the property owner or pay that portion of the cost as outlined in the previous section above if the trimming or removal is done by the property owner without the consent of the city and by someone other than who has been awarded the contract by the city.
   (D)   In the event that the property owner participates with the city in the trimming or removal of its trees as outlined under division (A), the City Commission may develop a plan of payment with each property owner and authorize the City Treasurer to implement same.
   (E)   In the event that the City Arborist in consultation with a certified arborist has in his judgment, determined that a tree or part thereof falling within the scope of this subchapter needs removal and after so being advised the property owner refuses to participate with the city in the removal pursuant to division (B) of this section then the city may contract for the removal of the tree and bill the property owner to the extent of 70% of the cost of removal.
   (F)   If the property owner fails to remit within 90 days of being billed of the removal then the legislative body may direct the City Attorney to file a lien against the property or take whatever other measures necessary to collect from the property owner.
(Ord. 93-03, passed 7-19-93; Am. Ord. 93-04, passed 10-18-93)