The California fire code as adopted by this chapter is amended to include the following provisions:
   (A)   Add To Appendix Chapter 1, Section 105: Permits: The provisions for fire permit fees and all matters relating to permits shall be as set forth in the latest resolution approved by the city council establishing a schedule of fees and charges, or as otherwise provided for by title VII of the municipal code.
   (B)   Add: Violation; Penalty: Any person operating or maintaining an occupancy, premises or vehicle subject to the California fire code, who allows a hazard to exist or fails to take immediate action to abate the hazard on such occupancy, premises or vehicle when ordered or notified to do so. The remedies provided by this chapter are cumulative and in addition to any other remedies available at law or in equity. Violations of any provision of this chapter are subject to administrative, criminal, civil or other penalties and enforcement pursuant to title I, chapter 4 of the municipal code.
(Ord. 2016-7, 12-5-2016)