Pursuant to the provisions of section 50022.2 of the Government Code and sections 17922, 17958.5, 17958.7 and/or 18941.5 of the Health And Safety Code of the state of California, the city council of the city of Selma does hereby adopt by specific reference thereto and incorporation herein by said reference, the provisions, rules and regulations specified and set forth in the 2022 Edition of the California fire code with appendices, copies of which are on file with the city of Selma, for public record and inspection. These are hereby adopted by said council by reference as the fire code of the city of Selma and made a part of this chapter as though set forth in full, subject, however, to the amendments, additions, deletions and fee exceptions as set forth in this chapter. This code shall be designated as title VII, chapter 1, the fire code of the city of Selma. (Ord. 2016-7, 12-5-2016; amd. Ord. 2023-2, 4-17-2023)