165A.01 Title and Purpose
165A.19 Yard Requirements
165A.02 Minimum Requirements Interpretation
165A.20 Drainage
165A.03 Relationship to Code of Ordinances
165A.21 Permitted Obstructions in Required Yards
165A.04 Applicability of Prior Ordinances
165A.22 Accessory Buildings and Uses
165A.05 Rules
165A.23 Permitted Modifications of Height Regulations
165A.06 Abbreviations and Acronyms
165A.24 Nonconforming, General Intent
165A.07 Definitions
165A.25 Nonconforming Lots of Record
165A.08 Minimum Standards
165A.26 Nonconforming Structures
165A.09 Scope of Zoning Code
165A.27 Nonconforming Uses
165A.10 Zoning Variance Standards
165A.28 Repairs and Maintenance
165A.11 Commission Recommendations
165A.29 Uses Under Conditional Use Permit Not Nonconforming
165A.12 District Regulations, Restrictions, Boundary Creation
165A.30 Temporary Uses and Permits
165A.13 Jurisdiction
165A.31 Drainage and Utility Easements
165A.14 Provisions Declared to Be Minimum Requirements
165A.32 International Fire Code
165A.15 Zoning Affects Every Building and Use
165A.33 Certificate of Occupancy
165A.16 Lots
165A.34 Prohibited Uses
165A.17 Reductions in Lot Area Prohibited
165A.35 Fees
165A.18 Obstructions to Vision at Street Intersections
165A.36 Effective Date