§ 101.01 WEED CONTROL.
   It shall be the duty of every owner, possessor or occupier of land, and every person, firm or corporation having charge of any land within the village to cut or remove and to destroy all grass, Canada thistles, milkweed, wild carrots, ox-eye daisies, ragweed or any other noxious weeds growing thereon at least once each year before May 1, and as often as necessary thereafter to prevent weeds from exceeding six inches on residential property. Grass and weed growth on nonresidential property shall not exceed eight inches. The aforesaid plants are hereby declared to be noxious weeds and to constitute a public nuisance.
(1988 Code, § 6.6200) (Ord. passed 8-8-1944; Ord. passed 4-3-1978; Ord. passed 1-18-1988; Ord. passed 8-17-1992; Ord. passed 3-20-2000; Ord. passed 9-17-2001; Ord. passed 5-20-2002; Ord. passed 6-3-2002; Ord. passed 7-15-2002; Ord. passed 8-5-2002; Ord. passed 5-16-2005) Penalty, see § 10.99