(A)   In accordance with A.C.A. § 14-14-904, the Justices of Peace shall elect one of their number to preside, in the absence of the County Judge.
   (B)   The Presiding Officer is to be elected by a quorum of the Court, through roll call vote.
   (C)   When serving as Presiding Officer, the Justice of Peace forfeits the right to propose motions and to participate in debate. The elected Presiding Officer is without the power of veto, but does retain the right to vote on matters before the Quorum Court.
   (D)   The responsibilities of the Presiding Officer will include the following:
      (1)   Insure that the proper order of business is carried out;
      (2)   Guard against violations of the rules of procedure;
      (3)   Protect the rights of all members;
      (4)   Insure that motions, resolutions and ordinances are worded and phrased to carry out the intent of the Quorum Court; and
      (5)   Maintain fairness and avoid prejudicial treatment of motions or individuals.
   (E)   In the absence of both the County Judge and the elected Presiding Officer, the Quorum Court shall elect from its members present a person to serve as Chairperson of the meeting.
(Res. 77-4, passed 1-10-77)