(A)   Existing salvage yards, junkyards or automobile graveyards that are currently in operation as a viable business concern shall be exempted from the provisions of this chapter.  In order to qualify for exemption, the businesses shall notify the County Judge's Office of its existence and acquire a certificate of operation by providing all necessary information for issuance of the certificate.
   (B)   Existing salvage yard, junkyard or automobile graveyard businesses shall obtain a certificate of operation.
   (C)   Public notification of the provisions of this chapter shall be published not only in the legal section, as required by law, immediately after adoption, but also as general advertising in county newspapers upon adoption and thereafter in the months of August and November.
   (D)   Existing salvage yards, junkyards or automobile graveyards shall cease to fall within the grand-fathering provisions of this chapter upon the transfer of the business to another owner or closing of the business.
(Ord. 90-8, passed 5-15-90)