(A)   (1)   Being mindful of the mandates set forth by A.C.A. § 14-14-1202(c)(1)(a) and its authority pursuant to A.C.A. § 14-14-1202(c)(2)(a), the County Quorum Court has determined that it is in the best interest of the county to recognize the unusual circumstances involved in the operation of the Golf Course and Pro Shop at Ben Geren Park.
      (2)   It is recognized that in the industry, the course golf professional, as part of his or her compensation package, normally operates the Course's Pro Shop.  The operation of the Pro Shop by the resident professional usually reduces operational expenses incurred by the course and provides better service and better products to the golfing clientele of the course.  The Quorum Court recognizes these benefits to the public and desiring to reduce expenses to the general public while providing the golfing public with a quality course and attendant services, believes that it is in the best interest to allow the golf course professional to operate the Pro Shop at Ben Geren Park.
      (3)   It is believed by the Quorum Court that the combination of these two functions will stimulate public interest in the Pro Shop and will aid the county financially in reducing the amount of money which the Quorum Court must set aside for the operation of this facility.
   (B)   In accordance with the responsibility of the Quorum Court for fixing the compensation of county employees, as set forth in A.C.A. § 14-14-1206, the additional rights, privileges and responsibilities for the pro shop manager/golf professional have been authorized.
   (C)   In accordance with the authority of the Quorum Court, under Ark. Const., Am. 55, and related enabling legislation to enact compulsory law which defines and establishes the permanent or temporary organization and system of principles of a county government for the control and conduct of county affairs, as set forth in A.C.A. § 14-14-904, the County Quorum Court authorized the reorganization of the Ben Geren Park Golf Pro Shop.
(Ord. 91-15, passed 5-21-91)
   (D)   The golf professional shall deposit in the County Pro Shop Account on a daily basis the total gross from Pro Shop sales receipts generated from the retail sales of golf equipment and related items. The county shall remit 90% of the gross sales to the golf professional with applicable sales tax, on or before the fifteenth of the month, for the preceding month's revenue.
(Ord. 93-23, passed 12-21-93)