(A)   Baselines. The basing systems for numbering of buildings on state, federal and county roads and other public and private ways in the unincorporated area of the county are as follows: the Cities of Fort Smith and Greenwood have an address system with a point of reference center point and baselines upon which a grid system has been established. These two systems shall be retained and extended to cover the unincorporated area west and south of Fort Chaffee. A third address system shall exist for that unincorporated area east of central and north of Fort Chaffee in the northeast portion of the county and shall be an extension of the City of Lavaca address system. The City of Fort Smith addressing system shall be extended to cover that area west of Highway 71 and to include Bear Hollow Road to Highway 45 and Wofford Lake Road to the Oklahoma state line. Extension east of Highway 71 shall include that area north of and including East Tennessee Ridge Road to the Fort Chaffee border.
The state line shall constitute the baseline for numbering buildings along all easterly roads. Garrison Avenue, Rogers Avenue, Free Ferry Road and an extension of the point east shall be the baseline for numbering buildings along all road running north and south. There shall be allowed 25 feet for each number with 300 feet block grids. The City of Greenwood addressing system will be expanded to cover all of the county south of Fort Chaffee and that area excluded from the Fort Smith addressing system, terminating westerly at the Oklahoma state line, easterly at the Logan County line, and south at the Scott County line. The center point for addressing will be Main Street at Center Street in Greenwood. The extension of Center Street from the center point east to the county border and west along Mt. Zion Road and Hoot Owl Hollow Road to the state line will be the baseline for north and south address numbers.
The extension of the center point north along North Main Street to the Fort Chaffee boundary and south to Witcherville Road, Highway 71 to Mansfield, Highway 378 to a point south along Johnnie Cake Road to the county border will be the baseline for east and west address numbers. There should be allowed 50 feet for each address with 500 feet block grids. The Lavaca address system shall include all its incorporated area and that part of unincorporated Sebastian County lying north of Fort Chaffee to the Arkansas River and east of Central, terminating at the Franklin County line. Main Street with extensions west along Highway 255 to Central City and east to intersect Highway 252 and the Franklin County border shall serve as the east-west address baseline. North Division Street extended to the Arkansas River and South Division Street extended to the Fort Chaffee border shall serve as the north-south addressing baseline. There shall be allowed 50 feet for each number with 500 feet block grids.
   (B)   Assignment of address numbers.
      (1)   Within the Greenwood and Lavaca addressing systems, odd numbers shall be assigned to the west side of the road on all north-south roads, and even numbers on the east side. On the east-west roads, odd numbers shall be assigned to the south side of the road, and even numbers to the north side. Assignment of address numbers shall be in the direction of increase from the baselines, with even numbers on the right side and odd numbers on the left side within the Fort Smith address system. Numbers shall be assigned to each identified grid block with the lowest number beginning at the point nearest the grid block baseline.
      (2)   A road shall have a continuous block numbering sequence to road end regardless of its relative location over the block grid system.
(Ord. 90-22, passed 10-23-90)