(A)   The Building Inspector, or his or her agent, shall make the necessary inspections required for the purpose of enforcing this chapter. The landlord, any tenants, and such other individuals as designated by the Building Inspector may be present during any inspection. The Building Inspector shall determine if the dwelling meets the minimum standards set forth in the Scottville Property Maintenance Code.
   (B)   Inspections will be conducted on a three-year cycle.
   (C)   The Building Inspector shall establish an inspection schedule. Notice shall be mailed to each landlord at least 30 calendar days before the scheduled inspection. It shall be the responsibility of the landlord to notify and make arrangements with any tenants for access to the dwelling or rental unit for purposes of conducting the inspection. If the inspection as scheduled creates undo hardship, the inspection can be rescheduled by notifying the Building Inspector at least 24 hours before scheduled inspection.
   (D)   After the first year of inspections, all rental dwelling units that have been inspected must have a certificate of compliance before occupancy of a rental dwelling unit. After the second year, all rental dwelling units that have been inspected in the first two years must have a certificate of compliance before occupancy of a rental dwelling unit. Effective three years after this chapter is adopted, all rental dwelling units within the city shall have a certificate of compliance prior to occupancy.
   (E)   Nothing in this chapter shall prevent the Building Inspector from making additional inspections either based upon complaints, referrals from other governmental agencies, or otherwise, to enforce the Scottville Property Maintenance Code or other applicable laws, ordinances, or regulations. Upon receiving a complaint, the Building Inspector shall notify the landlord of the nature of the complaint and shall provide the landlord a reasonable opportunity to resolve the complaint before scheduling an inspection. All complaints from tenants shall be in writing. If a tenant submits a written complaint regarding the condition of the tenant's rental dwelling unit, the tenant shall pay the city the appropriate inspection fee prior to the Building Inspector inspecting the rental dwelling unit.
   (F)   In the event that the Building Inspector finds violations of the Property Maintenance Code, the Building Inspector shall make re-inspections to ensure compliance with the code.
   (G)   Any person directly affected by a decision or determination of the Building Inspector or any notice or order issued by the Building Inspector, may appeal to the Board of Appeals in accordance with § 111 of the Scottville Property Maintenance Code.
(Ord. 2018-02, passed 9-4-2018)