(A)   All rental dwellings shall be registered with the city by the owner.
   (B)   All rental dwellings existing as of the effective date of this chapter shall be registered no later than May 1, 2019.
   (C)   The landlord of a new rental dwelling or of any dwelling newly converted to a rental dwelling shall register the rental dwelling before allowing occupancy of any new units.
   (D)   Upon a transfer of ownership of a rental dwelling, the new owner of rental dwellings already registered with the city shall re-register within 60 days of assuming ownership.
   (E)   A landlord shall re-register the dwelling every three years or if the landlord adds any additional dwelling units in or to the rental dwelling.
   (F)   Failure of the landlord to register his or her rented or leased dwelling is a violation of this chapter, and in addition the landlord shall be subject to a non-registration fee of $500 for each unit not timely registered.
   (G)   It is a violation of this chapter for any landlord to rent any dwelling or dwelling unit that is not registered.
(Ord. 2018-02, passed 9-4-2018)