(A)   Freestanding signs.
      (1)   One freestanding sign shall be allowed for each use where setbacks permit, provided that where there are multiple uses upon any one parcel, the total square footage of all sign area shall not exceed 50% more than that which is permitted in division (A)(3) below for one sign; provided further, that whenever there are two or more uses, they shall use the same sign pole, pylons, or other supports and shall be governed by division (A)(3) of this section.
      (2)   Each freestanding sign shall not exceed a maximum of two sides upon which advertising matter may appear.
      (3)   Freestanding signs may have an area not to exceed 64 square feet, except a freestanding sign fronting a state divided highway or a street or road having four or more lanes, excluding turning lanes, may have a sign area not to exceed 128 square feet; provided, however, where the lineal feet of lot frontage exceeds 160 feet, the sign may exceed 64 square feet by two square feet for every five feet of additional lineal lot frontage over 160 feet subject to a maximum of 128 square feet.  In addition, a sign’s area may be increased by one square foot for each additional foot it is set back from the minimum setback requirement up to a maximum of 160 square feet.  This formula shall apply to each side of the sign.
      (4)   Freestanding signs shall be at least eight feet above the ground measured from the bottom of the sign, except the following shall be permitted:
         (a)   A sign 24 square feet or less in area, provided it is at least three feet above the ground;
         (b)   A sign more than 35 feet from the road right-of-way, save for corner lots or parcels, the sign shall be at least 40 feet from one of the roadways on which it fronts;
         (c)   A sign parallel with the road at least 25 feet from the road right-of-way on which it fronts and at least 20 feet from any driveway and 55 feet from any other road; and
         (d)   A sign not greater than four feet in height measuring from the ground to the top of the sign, provided it is at least 25 feet from the road right-of-way, or parallel to the road on which it fronts and not closer than 15 feet from any driveway and 40 feet from any other road.
      (5)   Freestanding sign posts shall be at least 20 feet from street right-of-way; provided, however, freestanding signs may be erected two feet closer to the right-of-way line for each five feet distance over 15 feet between the sign and the nearest adjoining side property line.  In no event shall any part of the sign posts be closer than ten feet from any right-of-way line.
      (6)   Where the property upon which a sign is located abuts a residential zone on the side, the side yard required in a residential district shall be maintained in the commercial zone and the sign shall not be placed any closer to the lot line than the required distance for side yard in the residential zone.
      (7)   The design of freestanding signs over 25 feet in height shall bear a seal of a licensed professional engineer or architect and in no case shall the sign have an overall height exceeding 35 feet.
   (B)   Flat signs.
      (1)   Flat signs shall be attached to buildings and parallel with the side upon which they are attached.
      (2)   Flat signs shall not exceed an area greater than 10% of the area of the side of the building upon which they are attached, except that a flat sign on any building may have an area of 48 square feet.
      (3)   Flat signs shall not be higher than four feet above the roof line of buildings and must be incorporated into the building architecture as an integral part.
      (4)   A flat sign may be placed upon each side of a building; but in no case shall there be more than four flat signs totally.  However, no sign shall face toward a residential district unless the building and the residential district are separated by a public street.
      (5)   Where there are multiple uses on one parcel or lot of property, each use may have only two flat signs, and total area of all signs may not exceed 10% of the area of the side of the building on which they are placed.
   (C)   Real estate signs.  One rental or sale sign is permitted for each use or parcel of land.  The signs may not exceed nine square feet in area and shall be removed within six months.  The Board of Appeals may grant one extension of six months.
   (D)   Service stations, automobile sales, and the like.  Gasoline service stations, automobile sales area, and garages may display the following signs, in addition to the foregoing signs set forth in this section:
      (1)   Two temporary signs may be located inside the property line which advertise special seasonal servicing.  Each sign may not exceed nine square feet in area;
      (2)   Directional signs or lettering displayed over individual entrance doors or bays; and
      (3)   Customary lettering, insignias which are a structural part of the gasoline pump and non-illuminated credit cards.
   (E)   Shopping center signs.
      (1)   Shopping center signs may have only two flat permitted commercial signs pertaining to each individual use, and one freestanding sign advertising the shopping center.
      (2)   The flat signs and freestanding signs of a shopping center shall comply in all other respects to the provisions of this chapter applying to commercial and industrial districts.
   (F)   Temporary signs.  Temporary signs are permitted in the commercial zone upon approval by the Zoning Administrator under the following conditions only.  No temporary sign shall:
      (1)   Be placed on any premises for a period of more than 15 days nor more frequently than one time in any three months.  There shall be at least 30 days between each interval, and only one temporary sign is allowed for each parcel of property;
      (2)   Exceed 60 square feet of area on any one side including border; or
      (3)   Be placed within 25 feet of the edge of the pavement, but in no case within the road right-of-way or in any location which will obscure visibility of ingress or egress to and from property.
(1993 Code, § 154.183)  (Ord. 84-1, passed 1-3-1984)