(A)   In order to provide for and encourage the development of long-term grouped retail sales and service establishments at logical and sound locations within the city, planned shopping centers and department store developments may be permitted by special use permit with site plan approval by the Planning Commission in the CBD and HC Districts.
   (B)   SHOPPING CENTER and DEPARTMENT STORE DEVELOPMENTS are defined as a retail commercial establishment, or group of retail commercial establishments, with a total gross sales floor area of 70,000 square feet or more, and which is planned, developed, owned, and managed as a unit, with off-street parking provided on the property, and related in its location, size, and type of shops to the trade area which the unit serves.
   (C)   Shopping center developments are subject to the requirements of Appendices A and B and the following:
      (1)   (a)   Applicant shall furnish a statement of economic justification and need for the establishment of a development of the type and size proposed by the applicant; to be submitted in a market analysis report by a recognized, reputable market analyst.  The statement and report shall be based upon but not limited to such factors as the trade area of the community, travel time from various parts thereof to the proposed site, general development trends, economic trends, and disposable income characteristics of the area, anticipated sales volume to be captured, impact upon existing competing commercial facilities, and other data and analysis related to the need for and feasible success and stability of the proposed center.
         (b)   This requirement is intended to protect the community and its present area merchants from the untimely and over-development of retail sales and service establishments which could prove highly injurious to the community welfare.
      (2)   A traffic study and analysis prepared by qualified experts indicating the circulation impact of the proposed development on adjacent streets and roads shall accompany the required site plan;
      (3)   Interior circulation and parking layout shall be shown on the site plan, along with the locations of traffic safety signs and accessory lighting structures;
      (4)   Architectural profiles of the development showing ground level perspectives, scale, and massing from all road frontages shall be submitted;
      (5)   Proposed site shall derive access from a major thoroughfare only;
      (6)   Maximum lot coverage upon a lot shall not exceed 70%, including accessory uses and structures (off-street parking, and the like);
      (7)   The ratio of total floor area to lot area shall not exceed .30; and
      (8)   A performance guarantee is required.
(1993 Code, § 154.166)  (Ord. 84-1, passed 1-3-1984)