§ 153.202  DRIVE-IN THEATER.
   (A)   The lot location shall be such that at least one property line abuts a major thoroughfare and shall be at least 1,000 feet from any residentially zoned district.
   (B)   The premises shall be enclosed with a solid screen fence, seven feet in height minimum.
   (C)   All points of entrance and exit shall be located no closer than 250 feet to any intersection (as measured to the nearest intersection right-of-way line).
   (D)   The interior of the premises shall be designed with respect to lighting, drainage, and the like, to the satisfaction of the approval body or official, as designated by this chapter.
   (E)   Space shall be provided, on-premises, for a reasonable amount of waiting vehicles to stand at the entrance to the facility.
   (F)   The theater screen shall not face directly, or obliquely by less than 75 degrees, toward a major thoroughfare.
   (G)   Acceleration and deceleration lanes shall be provided at points of public ingress and egress to the site.
(1993 Code, § 154.152)  (Ord. 84-1, passed 1-3-1984)