An applicant shall file all of the following with the Zoning Administrator for review and approval of a proposed land division before making any division either by deed, land contract, lease for more than one year, or for a building development:
   (A)   A completed application form signed by all persons who have any legal or equitable interest in the parcel to be divided.  In cases where a parcel is combined with an adjoining parcel, the application shall also be signed by all persons having an interest in the adjoining parcels.  Requirements for division shall be detailed in the previously mentioned application;
   (B)   A fee as established by resolution of the governing body of the city for land division reviews;
   (C)   Proof of fee ownership of the land to be divided;
   (D)   A parcel map meeting the requirements that are detailed in the previously mentioned application.  An accurate legal description of all proposed divisions shall be required.  Prior to application, the applicant may submit a tentative preliminary parcel map to be reviewed for conceptual purposes by the Zoning Administrator.  The tentative preliminary parcel map shall include an accurate legal description for each proposed division, and shall show the boundary lines, dimensions, and accessibility of each proposed division from existing or proposed public roads and public utilities.  When submitting a tentative preliminary parcel map, the applicant shall waive the 45-day statutory requirement for a decision and shall include a fee that is set by resolution of the governing body.  The Zoning Administrator’s decision regarding the feasibility of the proposed land division(s) is not binding upon the application or the Zoning Administrator;
   (E)   Proof that all standards of the State Land Division Act and this subchapter have been met;
   (F)   Sufficient history and specifications of the land to be divided in order to establish that the proposed division complies with § 108 of the State Land Division Act.  Specifically, the application shall state that the land proposed to be divided is a parent parcel, or if not a parent parcel, then it shall provide the history of the land proposed to be divided from the parent parcel to present, including all leases, land contracts, and conveyances; and
   (G)   If a transfer of division rights is proposed in the land transfer, detailed information about the terms and availability of the proposed division rights transfer.
(Ord. 02-01, passed 1-7-2002)