The following standards shall be met:
   (A)   The special use in combination with the location proposed for the use shall not impair the general health, safety, and welfare of the community at large.  In general, there must be:
      (1)   Safe access to the property in question and adjacent properties to fire and police protection;
      (2)   No dangerous or hazardous area traffic circulation on and off the site, which either now exists or will be created by the proposed use;
      (3)   Transportation design proposals by the applicant, if necessary, which will be needed to mitigate any potential traffic impact by the proposed use; and
      (4)   An appropriate relationship, similarity, and compatibility between the location and scale of the proposed use to the size and type of uses, structures, and buildings currently existing in the immediate vicinity, and which collectively comprise the overall character of the area.
   (B)   The special use shall not decrease the market value of adjacent buildings, uses, and structures which are permitted by right under current zoning, if the proposed use is granted;
   (C)   The special use shall be in harmony with the Land Use Plan of the city.  This considers whether the location and size of the proposed use, the nature and intensity of the activities involved, the size of the site with respect to existing and future streets giving access to it, parks and drainage systems will be in harmony with the Land Use Plan and the character of land use which is intended by the plan for the area or district in question;
   (D)   The applicant’s proposed use, its location and intensity, and the height of its buildings, walls, fences, and other structures shall not adversely impact the appropriate character of development intended for the area as deemed desirable by the Land Use Plan;
   (E)   The special use shall not cause any hazards arising from storage and use of flammable fluids; and
   (F)   The special use shall not be environmentally objectionable to nearby properties by reason of noise, fumes, pollution, vibration, or lights to an extent which is more than would be the operations of any use permitted by right for that district wherein the special use is proposed.
(1993 Code, § 154.076)  (Ord. 84-1, passed 1-3-1984)