The site plan is to be reviewed in order to determine that:
   (A)   The proposed use conforms to the uses permitted either by right or by special use permit in the respective zoning district;
   (B)   The dimensional arrangement of buildings and structures conforms to the required yards, setbacks, and height restrictions of this chapter, unless waived by variance granted by the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA);
   (C)   The proposed use conforms to all use and design provisions and requirements (if any) as found in this chapter for certain specific uses, unless waived by variance granted by ZBA;
   (D)   There is a proper relationship between the existing and proposed streets and highways within the vicinity in order to assure the safety and convenience of pedestrian and vehicular traffic;
   (E)   The proposed on-site buildings, structures, and entryways are situated and designed to minimize adverse effects upon owners and occupants of adjacent and surrounding properties by providing for adequate design of access/egress, interior/exterior circulation, storm drainage, erosion, grading, lighting, and parking, as specified by this chapter or any county or state law;
   (F)   As many natural features of the landscape shall be retained as possible where they can be useful to the development on the site or where they furnish a barrier or buffer between the project and adjoining properties used for dissimilar purposes or where they assist in preserving the general safety, health, and appearance of the neighborhood, i.e., controlling erosion or the discharge of storm waters, and the like;
   (G)   Any adverse effects of the proposed developments and activities emanating therefrom upon adjoining residents or owners shall be minimized by appropriate screening, fencing, or landscaping as provided or required in this chapter;
   (H)   In the case where the current use is not publicly sewered, and the application is to change, convert, add, or expand the commercial or industrial use, a statement from the County Health Department must be submitted certifying that the present on-site disposal system is adequate to meet the needs of the changed, converted, added, or expanded use after development;
   (I)   All buildings and structures are accessible to emergency vehicles; and
   (J)   The site plan as approved is consistent with the intent and purpose of zoning which is to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare; to encourage the use of lands in accordance with their character and adaptability; to avoid the overcrowding of population; to lessen congestion on the public roads and streets; to reduce hazards of life and property; and to facilitate the Land Use Plan of the city.
(1993 Code, § 154.062)  (Ord. 84-1, passed 1-3-1984)