(A)   (1)   In any district, a structure and accessory building may be erected on a lot which fails to meet the district requirements for bulk regulations, provided that the lot existed at the effective date of this chapter or an affecting amendment.  In these instances, requirements for each yard in a substandard lot may be reduced proportionally, by the ratio of the actual lot size to the minimum lot size specified for the district.  However, in no case shall the required yard be less than the following:
         (a)   Front yard, 25 feet;
         (b)   Side yard, five feet each; and
         (c)   Rear yard, 25 feet.
      (2)   The lots must be in separate ownership at the time of application, undeveloped, and certified by the applicant as not being contiguous with other lots under the same ownership, and shall meet all current minimum space requirements for a legal health disposal system.
   (B)   Substandard lots which are contiguous and under the same ownership will henceforth be required to conform to the area requirements of this chapter in a manner which shall leave no lot substandard.
(1993 Code, § 154.052)  (Ord. 84-1, passed 1-3-1984)