§ 133.99  PENALTY.
   (A)   If a landlord violates the provisions of this chapter, for the first violation only, the City Police Department will send a letter to the landlord informing the landlord of the violation.
   (B)   After a landlord has been given a letter from the City Police Department under division (A) above, if at any time thereafter the landlord shall violate this chapter, then the landlord shall be liable for a municipal civil infraction, the sanction for which shall be a civil fine as follows plus costs, damages, expenses, or other sanctions as authorized by M.C.L.A. §§ 600.8701 et seq.:
      (1)   A civil fine of not less than $150, plus costs and other sanctions, for each infraction;
      (2)   Increased civil fines shall be imposed for repeat offenses.  The term REPEAT OFFENSE means a second or any subsequent violation of this chapter committed by a person within any two-year period and for which the person admits responsibility or is determined to be responsible; and
      (3)   The increased fine for a repeat offense which is a second offense shall be not less than $250, plus costs.  The fine for any repeat offense which is a third offense or any subsequent repeat offense shall be $500, plus costs.
   (C)   The imposition of a penalty pursuant to division (A) or (B) of this section does not prevent suspension or revocation of a license, permit, or franchise or other administrative sanctions.
   (D)   With respect to a violation of this chapter that is continuous with respect to time, each day that the violation continues is a separate offense and is a public nuisance that may be abated by injunctive relief or civil or quasi-judicial enforcement.
   (E)   A landlord will not be in violation of this chapter if a tenant is not required to be registered at the time the landlord rents to the tenant, but the tenant is subsequently required to register with the State Public Sex Offender Registry after the commencement of the lease or rental.
(Ord. 12-01, passed 1-16-2012)