(A)   All new buildings shall be identified with legible numbering. Numbers shall be placed on any newly constructed building within 20 days after the assigning of the proper number by the City-County Planning and Zoning Commission. The cost of the numbers shall be paid by the property owner and the numbers used shall not be less than three inches in height with four inches in height recommended and shall be made of a durable and clearly visible material.
   (B)   Numbers shall be conspicuously placed immediately above, on, or at the side of the proper door of each building and must be purchased from the Planning and Zoning Commission and placed adjacent to the building driveway. Only Arabic numbers shall be used. Roman numerals, script numerals, or other types of numerals shall not be allowed.
   (C)   All commercial and industrial property shall have the numbers posted on both the mailbox and building so that the numbers are visible and identifiable at all times during daylight hours to persons in vehicles traveling on the street upon which the building is located. Commercial buildings with multiple occupants shall display visible business names and street numbers on back doors facing a public street providing access to the property.
   (D)   (1)   Likewise, it is encouraged that all buildings with the city be numbered in the same manner for visibility and recognition in the case of an E 9-1-1 emergency.
      (2)   House number signs for all existing buildings can be purchased from the Planning and Zoning Commission as well.
(Ord. 710-04, passed 6-14-2004)