A.   Issuance; Service: Whenever the owner, agent or occupant of a premises fails to comply with any provisions of this Chapter, the City Clerk shall prepare a notice stating the violation and the location of such violation, said notice shall be personally served on the owner, agent or occupant by the Chief of Police. If the premises is unoccupied and the owner is unknown or a nonresident, the City Clerk shall give the notice hereinbefore required by publishing the same once in the official City newspaper. A copy of the notice shall be mailed to the owner, if known, to his last known address. (1983 Code § 11-307)
   B.   Failure To Comply: If the owner, agent or occupant fails to take such action as is required by the notice within ten (10) days after its being served or published, the Superintendent of Public Works shall proceed to cause the designated tree, tree material, shrub or hedge to be treated, trimmed, cut or removed and report the cost to the City Clerk. (1983 Code § 11-307; amd. 1998 Code)