A.   Operating Under Franchise: It shall be lawful for any privately owned utility operating under a franchise granted by the City Council and owning or using transmission lines in the City to cut or trim trees, shrubbery, hedges or other growths in the parking or public ways of the City which interfere with such lines. (1983 Code § 11-303)
   B.   Manner Of Trimming: If any trees, shrubbery or hedges within the purview of this Section are trimmed, it shall be the duty of the person trimming the same to perform such work in a careful and workmanlike manner so as not to injure or damage such trees, shrubbery or hedges, and to remove all debris from the parking and pavement. All such work shall be subject to the approval of the Superintendent of Public Works. (1983 Code § 11-303; amd. 1998 Code)