(A)   In addition to the inspections to be made, the owner or his or her agent shall employ a special inspector who shall be present at all times during construction on the following types of work:
      (1)   Concrete. On concrete work when the design is based on (fm ) in excess of 2,000 pounds;
      (2)   Masonry. On reinforced masonry work when the design is based on a strength of masonry (fm ) in excess of 1,000 pounds per square inch. On all other types of masonry work when the design is based on unit stresses in excess of 50% of those allowed;
      (3)   Welding. On all structural welding;
      (4)   Reinforced gypsum. When cast-in-place reinforced gypsum is being mixed or deposited; and
      (5)   Special cases. On special construction work involving unusual hazards or requiring constant inspection.
   (B)   The Building Inspector may waive the requirements for the employment of a special inspector if he or she finds that the construction work is such that no unusual hazard exists.
   (C)   All special inspectors shall be qualified persons approved by the Building Inspector. The special inspector shall furnish continuous inspection on the construction and work requiring his or her employment. He or she shall report to the Building Inspector in writing, noting all Building Code violations and other information as required.
(1972 Code, § 3-908)