(A)   Plans shall be drawn to scale upon substantial paper or cloth and shall be of sufficient clarity to indicate the nature and extent of the work proposed and show in detail that it will conform to the provisions of the Building Code and all relevant laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations. Plans shall include a plot plan showing the location of the proposed building and of every existing building on the property. In lieu of detailed specifications, the Building Inspector may approve references on the plans to a specific section or part of the Building Code or other ordinances or laws. Computations, stress diagrams, and other data sufficient to show the correctness of the plans, shall be submitted when required by the Building Inspector. Plans for all new residences within the R-l, R-2, and R-3 zones within the corporate limits of the city shall require sidewalks conforming with the provisions of the Building Code and all relevant laws, ordinances, rules and regulations of the city, except as otherwise provided in subdivision agreements pursuant to specific approval of a subdivision by the governing body of the city.
   (B)   Every permit issued by the Building Inspector shall be for a nine-month period and shall expire by limitation and become null and void, if the building or work authorized by the permit is suspended or abandoned any time after the work is commenced for a period of 90 days. Before the work can be recommenced, a new permit shall be first obtained to do so, and the fee therefor shall be one-half the amount required for a new permit for the work; provided, no changes have been made or will be made in the original plans and specifications for the work; and provided further, that the suspension of abandonment has not exceeded one year. The Building Inspector may, in writing, suspend or revoke a permit issued under provisions of this code whenever the permit is issued in error or on the basis of incorrect information supplied, or in violation of any ordinance or regulation or any of the provisions of this code.
(1972 Code, § 3-905) (Am. Ord. 2012-07, passed 7-3-2012) Penalty, see § 150.99