§ 150.01 POWERS.
   The Building Department shall be under the jurisdiction of the Building Inspector. The Building Inspector is hereby authorized and directed to enforce all the provision of this code and the Building Code. For that purpose, he or she shall have the powers of a police officer. In accordance with the procedure and with the approval of the Governing Body, the Building Inspector may appoint the number of officers, inspectors, assistants, and other employees as shall be authorized from time to time. He or she may deputize the employees as may be necessary to carry out the functions of the Building Department. Upon presentation of proper credentials, the Building Inspector or his or her duly authorized representatives may enter at any reasonable time any building, structure, or premise in the municipality to perform any duty imposed upon him or her by this code. Whenever any building work is being done contrary to the laws of this municipality, the Building Inspector may order the work stopped by notice in writing served on any persons engaged in doing or causing the work to be done, and any such person shall forthwith stop work until authorized by the Building Inspector to proceed with the work. Whenever any structure is being used contrary to the provisions of this code or the Building Code, the Building Inspector may order the use discontinued and the structure, or portion thereof, vacated by notice served on any person causing the use to be continued. The person shall discontinue the use within ten days after receipt of the notice to make the structure, or portion thereof, comply with the requirements of this code, except as otherwise hereinafter provided. The Building Inspector or any employee acting in good faith and without malice for the municipality in the discharge of his or her duties, shall not thereby render himself or herself liable personally and he or she is hereby relieved from all personal liability for any damage that may accrue to persons or property as a result of any act required or by reason of any act or omission in the discharge of his or her duties. Any suit brought against the Building Inspector or an employee because of the act or omission performed by him or her in the enforcement of any provisions of this code or the Building Code, shall be defended by the Legal Department until final termination of the proceedings. The Building Inspector may request and shall receive, so far as may be necessary in the discharge of his or her duties, the assistance and cooperation of other officials of the municipality.
(1972 Code, § 3-901)