(A)   The occupation tax shall commence on the first day of May of each year and end on the thirtieth day of April, next succeeding. That the occupation taxes as set forth above shall be assessed in the following manner:
10- to 12-month period
100% of tax
7- to 9-month period
75% of tax
4- to 6-month period
50% of tax
0- to 3-month period
25% of tax
   (B)   The tax levied and imposed by this section shall in no case exceed the amount required to be paid for a license for the same period of time under the provisions of the Nebraska Liquor Control Act. The amount of the occupation tax shall be deposited with the Municipal Clerk at the time the application for license is made of within 24 hours after the application has been filed with the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission. The Clerk shall hold the occupation tax as a trust fund until the application is finally passed upon and if the application is refused and license denied, then the amount thereof shall be returned to the applicant. The Clerk shall account to and pay the occupation tax to the Treasurer immediately after the license is issued and the Treasurer shall credit the same to the General Fund. Upon the failure of any such applicant to pay the occupation tax as herein provided, it shall be mandatory upon the Governing Body to pass a resolution denying the application for a license or requesting the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission to deny the application and the resolution shall state the reason therefor and shall be forwarded to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.
(Neb. RS 53-124 and 53-160) (1972 Code, § 10-606)