It shall be unlawful for any building mover to move any building or structure in such a manner that there shall remain holes or depressions dangerous to life and limb, nor to allow debris, or rubbish to remain after the moving of a building or structure. When a building has been moved from a lot for the purpose of erecting thereon another building or structure, the Building Inspector at his discretion may permit the owner of such property to maintain for a period not to exceed three months any remaining hole or depression; provided however, that such hole or depression is maintained in a safe and sanitary condition and kept free of all rubbish and debris of any nature, and that such hole or depression is surrounded and protected by strong and suitable barricades or fencing not less than three and one-half feet in height and maintained in a sound and proper condition. The property owner shall properly fill such holes and depressions at the termination of such three-month period unless building operations have commenced thereon.
(1972 Code, § 10-446.06) (Ord. 716A, passed 10-18-1983; Ord. 882, passed 7-15-1997) Penalty, see § 113.999