§ 113.120 SAFE CROSSING.
   It shall be the duty of every railroad company doing business in, or traveling through, the municipality to keep in a suitable and safe condition the crossings and right-of-way in the municipality. If any such crossing shall at any time fall into disrepair and become unsafe, or inconvenient for public travel, the Governing Body may, by resolution, call upon the company to make whatever repairs that it may deem necessary to correct the dangerous condition. Notice of the resolution shall be served upon the local agent of the company. In the event that the railroad shall fail, or neglect to repair, and correct the condition as aforesaid within 48 hours, neglect for each 24 hours thereafter shall be deemed, and is hereby made, a separate and distinct offense against the provisions herein.
(1972 Code, § 10-440) Penalty, see § 113.999
Statutory reference:
   Crossings; complaints, see Neb. RS 74-1336
   Railroads; regulations, see Neb. RS 16-212