§ 113.052 EXAMINATION.
   (A)   In the event that the applicant is not a holder of a valid and unexpired license issued by the State of Nebraska, the applicant shall submit to an examination to determine his or her fitness and competency for executing the work covered by the license for which application is made, which examination shall be given by the Examining Board for Electricians. Upon payment of the required fees, the applicant shall receive the license, after having by the examination shown himself or herself to the satisfaction of the Examining Board to be fit, competent, and qualified to receive the license. Any person who fails to pass the required examination shall not be eligible to take the examination again until six months have elapsed.
   (B)   The examination shall consist of two parts:
      (1)   Written examination, which shall count as 50%; and
      (2)   Personal interview and past experience, which shall count as 50%.
   (C)   The examination shall be passed to the satisfaction of the Examining Board. A grade of 75% shall be considered as passing. An examination fee set by resolution of the Governing Body shall be paid to the Utilities Superintendent upon application for a license.
(1972 Code, § 10-425)