Any firm may be registered hereunder as a master plumber in the name of the firm, provided that the firm shall have a master plumber who is duly registered as provided in this chapter. The master plumber must be a bona fide officer of the firm or an employee who is regularly employed by the firm and is actually engaged in the planning, superintending, and practical installation of plumbing and drainage. The master plumber listed and registered by the firm shall be in actual charge of and responsible for the installation, removal, or repair of any plumbing or drainage work done by the firm. Before the firm shall be registered as a master plumber, there shall be filed with the Chairperson of the Examining Board a certificate from the Examining Board showing the fitness and competency of the individual or individuals who are qualified as master plumbers and who shall be in charge of the firm’s plumbing and drainage laying activities. One individual must also qualify as master plumber to enable the firm to hold a master plumber’s license and, in case the individual withdraws from or ceases to be connected with the firm, the Examining Board shall forthwith revoke the registration of the firm.
(Neb. RS 18-1907) (1972 Code, § 10-404)