All repairs to the pipe and other appurtenances leading from the commercial main to the place of distribution shall be paid by the consumer; provided, that the meter shall be repaired by the municipality at its expense. The Board of Public Works, through its Superintendent of Utilities, or his or her agents, shall have the exclusive power to repair and test all meters. All repairs and tests of water meters belonging to the municipality or to a consumer shall be made by the regular employees of the Board of Public Works and/or an independent testing service. If any water meter in service is beyond repair, worn out, and unfit for further use, the Board of Public Works shall replace the water meter at the expense of the municipality. The Board reserves the right to test any water meter at any time. The consumer is hereby granted the reciprocal right to have his or her water meter tested by the Board any reasonable number of times upon request, if the consumer shall have reason to believe that the meter is registering inaccurately. The expense of testing by an independent testing service shall be the responsibility of the consumer, unless the registering inaccuracy is high usage, then it shall be the responsibility of the Board. All water meters shall be insured by the consumer for the benefit of the municipality and in the event of the destruction by fire or other casualty of any water meter, the consumer shall reimburse the municipality for the reasonable value of the meter so destroyed. Maintenance of the commercial main shall be the responsibility of the municipality. In the event that the meter is damaged through the negligence of the consumer, it shall be his or her responsibility ro repair or replace the meter.
(1972 Code, § 3-408)
Statutory reference:
   Municipal utilities; rate, regulations, see Neb. RS 16-681