During any construction in the Village, all reasonable steps necessary to prevent the destruction or damaging of all trees three (3) inches in diameter or larger, other than those specified to be removed, shall be taken, including:
   (A)   No construction activity, movement and placement of equipment or material or spoils storage and no excess soil, additional fill, liquids, or construction debris shall be placed within the root zone of any tree that is required to be preserved, nor at any higher location.
   (B)   Crushed limestone hydrocarbons and other materials detrimental to trees shall not be dumped within the root zone of any tree nor at any higher location where drainage toward the tree could reasonably expect to affect the health of the tree.
   (C)   Appropriate protective fencing, such as snow fence, shall be temporarily installed for protection of trees and is to be shown on the submitted map at the periphery of the tree's root zone. All required protective fencing must be in place and maintained during the entire construction period. All fencing must be secured to metal posts driven into the ground space at least ten (10) feet apart.
   (D)   No attachments, signs, fences, or wires, other than approved for bracing, guying, or wrapping shall be attached to a tree during construction period.
   (E)   Other measures such as construction pruning, and root pruning of trees directly impacted by construction must also be indicated on the plan or on an accompanying sheet and approved by the Village Arborist, Director of Streets, Sanitation and Water or designee.
   (F)   Unless otherwise authorized by the Village Arborist, no soil is to be removed or added within the root zone area of any tree.
(Ord. 23-4369, passed 7-20-23)