(A)   Trees planted on Village property shall have a minimum diameter of one (1) inch at a height of six (6) inches above the ground, shall have a continuous single stem branched at a minimum of four (4) feet above ground before pruning and shall be free from deformity and indication of undesirable growth and characteristics.
   (B)   Trees shall be free of infectious diseases or insect infestation at time of planting.
   (C)   Trees on Village property shall be planted on the centerline of the parkway, or in line with majority of trees established in the parkway. No trees may be planted on parkways less than three (3) feet wide, except when in the professional opinion of the Village Arborist conditions are such that such planting may be desirable. In making such a determination, the Village Arborist shall consider factors such as interference with the sidewalk, curb, or other Village property.
   (D)   Planting of trees is prohibited if such planting will unduly interfere with existing sewer connections, and utility location, connections, or controls; or where the repair and maintenance thereof may cause a severe stress to the tree.
   (E)   Notwithstanding any provision of this title to the contrary, species of trees which by reason of size, spread of crown, or other characteristics could interfere with existing overhead utility lines are prohibited.
(Ord. 23-4369, passed 7-20-23)