The following trees are prohibited and shall not be planted on Village property due to commonly acknowledged high maintenance and undesirable characteristics (such as, but not limited to, brittle wood, cavity prone, excessive deadwood, susceptibility to disease) associated therewith:
Latin Name
Common Name or Type
Latin Name
Common Name or Type
Acer campestre
Hedge maple
Acer negundo
Box elder
Acer saccharinum
Silver maple
Ailanthus glandulosa
Tree of heaven
Ginkgo biloba (female)
Morus - all species
Populus - all species 1/
Pyrus calleryana cultivars
Callery pear
Salix - all species
Ulmus americana 2/
American elm
Ulmus pumila
Siberian elm
All types of fruit trees producing fruit typically for human consumption
   The aforesaid trees now existing on Village property shall gradually be removed through normal attrition and replaced with approved trees. The Village Arborist may permit a prohibited tree to remain when in their professional opinion a particular specimen exhibits redeeming characteristics typical of a desirable species but uncharacteristic for the prohibited specimen's species.
(Ord. 23-4369, passed 7-20-23)