The city of Savanna hereby authorizes electronic attendance at meetings so as to permit a member of the public body to attend any meeting of a public body as defined in the open meetings act via electronic means provided the rules of attendance set out below are strictly complied with.
   (A)   Rules Statement: It is the decision of the city of Savanna that any member of the city council may attend any open or closed meeting of the city of Savanna via electronic means (such as by telephone, video or internet connection) provided that such attendance is in compliance with these rules and any applicable laws.
   (B)   Prerequisites: A member of the city council may attend a meeting electronically if the member meets the following conditions:
      1.   A quorum is physically present throughout the meeting.
      2.   Any member wishing to attend a meeting electronically has notified the city clerk at least twenty four (24) hours before the meeting, unless impractical, so that necessary communications equipment can be arranged. Inability to make the necessary technical arrangements will result in denial of a request for electronic attendance.
      3.   The member must assert one of the following three (3) reasons why he or she is unable to physically attend the meeting:
         (a)   The member cannot attend because of personal illness or disability; or
         (b)   The member cannot attend because of an employment conflict or because they are carrying out the business of the city of Savanna; or
         (c)   The member cannot attend because of a family or other emergency.
      4.   The city clerk, after receiving the electronic attendance request, shall inform the mayor and city council of the request for electronic attendance.
   (C)   Voting Procedures: After a roll call establishing that a quorum is physically present, the presiding officer shall call for a motion that a member may be permitted to attend the meeting electronically after specifying the reason entitling the absent member to attend electronically. The motion must be approved by a vote of a majority of the council members present.
   (D)   Adequate Equipment Required: The member participating electronically and other members of the city council must be able to communicate effectively, and members of the audience must be able to hear all communications at the meeting site. Before allowing electronic attendance at any meeting, the city of Savanna shall provide equipment adequate to accomplish this objective at the meeting site.
   (E)   Minutes: Any member attending electronically shall be considered an off site attendee and counted as present electronically for that meeting. The meeting minutes shall also reflect and state specifically whether each member is physically present or present by electronic means.
   (F)   Rights Of Remote Member: A member permitted to attend electronically will be able to express his or her comments during the meeting and participate in the same capacity as those members physically present, subject to all general meeting guidelines and procedures previously adopted and adhered to. The member attending electronically shall be heard, considered, and counted as to any vote taken. Accordingly, the name of any member attending electronically shall be called during any vote taken, and his or her vote counted and recorded by the city clerk and placed in the minutes for the corresponding meeting. A member attending electronically may leave a meeting and return as in the case of any member, provided the member attending electronically shall announce his or her leaving and returning.
   (G)   Application To Committees, Boards And Commissions: These rules shall apply to all committees, boards and commissions established by authority of the city of Savanna. (Ord. 2038, 5-28-2013)