(A)   All official traffic control devices installed or maintained on the streets of this city shall conform to the department of transportation manual and specifications and be subject to the provisions of the Illinois vehicle code.
   (B)   The superintendent of public works shall place and maintain traffic control devices as directed by the council and as required by this title to make effective the provisions hereof, and may place and maintain such additional traffic control devices to regulate, guide or warn traffic as directed by the council.
All traffic control devices designated for a particular purpose shall be uniform and shall conform to the standards adopted by the state of Illinois, department of transportation. All traffic control devices so erected shall be official traffic control devices.
   (C)   The superintendent of public works, as directed by the council, is hereby authorized:
      1.   To place appropriate devices, marks, or lines upon the surface of the roadway to designate crosswalks at intersections or other places where, in the opinion of the city council, there is particular danger to pedestrians crossing the roadway.
      2.   Mark or construct safety zones of such kind and character at such places as the council may deem necessary for the protection of pedestrians.
      3.   To mark the lanes of traffic on street pavements at such places as the council may deem advisable, consistent with this title. (1977 Code)