(A)   Application: The owner of the structure may make application to the city on an application form as provided by the city seeking partial reimbursement of exterior paint in accordance with the following:
      1.   The applicant must be the owner of all rights, title, and interest in the structure and have the complete authority to paint the structure.
      2.   The applicant must state the start and completion date of the painting project, identify all exterior areas to be painted (square footage if known), state exterior surface preparation to be completed (prior to starting the project), state the number of gallons requested, and provide a paint chip sample of color(s) to be used.
      3.   The applicant is required to purchase the exterior paint locally within Savanna, Illinois.
      4.   The maximum reimbursement will be up to ten (10) gallons (primer and/or exterior paint).
      5.   The exterior beautification and painting must all be completed within ninety (90) days of the approval of the application.
   (B)   Review And Approval: The mayor or designee will review all applications for completeness in accordance with the following:
      1.   Prior to approval, the mayor shall review the budget to ensure there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of reimbursement for each application. If there are insufficient funds to cover the cost of any application, the mayor may take said application to the finance committee and city council for approval to expend additional funds.
      2.   Upon approval, the application shall be signed and dated by the mayor or designee and the applicant notified that their application has been accepted and approved for the program.
   (C)   Reimbursement: After completion of the project the applicant must contact the city to inspect the property to ensure that all of the work has been satisfactorily completed. Failure to satisfactorily complete said project will result in the applicant being invoiced for all primer and/or paint purchased by the city of Savanna. Failure to pay said invoice will result in the invoice balance being added to the undersigned applicant's water bill. Failure to pay said water bill may result in penalties and/or termination of services. (Ord. 2063, 10-22-2013)