65 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/11-31-1 et seq., are hereby adopted and incorporated herein by reference. (Ord. 1546, 1-23-1996)
   (A)   Program For Partial Reimbursement Of Demolition And Restoration Expenses:
      1.   Application: The owner of an unsightly or potentially dangerous structure may make application to the city for partial reimbursement of demolition expenses in accordance with the following:
         (a)   The applicant must be the lawful owner of all rights, title and interest in the property and structure for which they seek to demolish.
         (b)   The applicant must fill out, sign and submit an application as provided by the city, proof of ownership, and two (2) quotes for demolition and restoration shall be attached. The contractor with the lowest quote shall be used.
         (c)   The application, demolition and restoration and reimbursement must all be completed within the same budget year.
         (d)   A demolition permit application must be completed along with the application for partial reimbursement of demolition and restoration expenses.
      2.   Review And Approval: The mayor and/or his or her designee will review all applications for completeness in accordance with the following:
         (a)   The mayor, or his or her designee will review all applications for completeness, confirm that the applicant is the lawful owner and that the submitted quotes for demolition and restoration are valid.
         (b)   Prior to approval, the mayor shall review the budget to ensure there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of reimbursement for each application. If there are insufficient funds to cover the cost of any application, the mayor may take said application to the finance committee and city council for approval to expend additional funds.
         (c)   Upon approval, the application shall be signed and dated by the mayor, and the applicant notified that their application has been accepted and approved for the program.
      3.   Demolition And Restoration: Prior to beginning the demolition, the owner shall have properly abandoned all utilities servicing the property to be demolished. The municipal water and sewer service shall be abandoned by a method approved by the superintendent of public works. The structure shall be demolished and restored in accordance with the following:
         (a)   Upon approval, the applicant shall demolish the structure, remove and properly dispose of all demolition debris and properly fill, grade and seed the affected land in a timely manner. Steps should be taken to reduce dust during demolition and restoration.
         (b)   Once all demolition and restoration work is completed the applicant must contact the city to inspect the property to ensure that all work has been satisfactorily completed.
      4.   Reimbursement: After completion of demolition and restoration the applicant will be reimbursed pursuant to the following;
         (a)   Prior to reimbursement, the applicant must submit to the city paid invoices for expenses actually paid in the demolition of the structure, including expenses to remove debris and to fill, grade and seed the affected land. No invoice will be reimbursed for work performed by the applicant or members of his or her immediate family.
         (b)   After demolition and restoration is completed and all work approved, the applicant will receive a signed demolition permit, which they should take to the county assessor's office as proof that the structure has been removed from the property.
         (c)   The maximum reimbursement will be fifty percent (50%) of the total cost of demolition, disposal and site restoration, but in no instance shall it exceed two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00). Reimbursement will be made after paid invoices are presented to the finance committee for reimbursement and approved by the city council. The reimbursement check will be received within sixty (60) days of presentation of the paid invoices in accordance with the terms and conditions of the application. The amount of said reimbursement may be subject to the availability of budgeted funds. (Ord. 2058, 8-27-2013)