The following codes are hereby adopted and incorporated by reference pursuant to 65 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/1-3-1 to 5/1-3-6, inclusive, as amended. Copies of said codes are available for public inspection at all reasonable hours in the city of Savanna business offices:
   (A)   The most current edition of the following codes from the International Code Council:
      1.   International building code published by the International Code Council, excluding the sections related to plumbing and electricity.
      2.   Residential code published by the International Code Council.
      3.   Existing building code published by the International Code Council.
      4.   Mechanical code published by the International Code Council.
      5.   Fuel gas code.
      6.   International property maintenance code.
Covering Type (Commercial Use)
The following coverings are required on the lower four feet (4') of all commercial buildings and structures (including buildings designed for residential dwelling use and used or proposed to be used for commercial use) hereafter constructed, altered, remodeled or reconstructed within any and all business zoned districts within the city of Savanna, except that continuity of existing wall covering materials shall be acceptable for additions to existing buildings whereon the wall covering of said building is not removed.
Said approved coverings shall be required on all exterior walls facing any abutting street and shall include the initial ten feet (10') measured from the front exterior wall facing any exterior lot line whereon said exterior wall is exposed to the public.
Covering Type (Commercial)
Minimum Thickness
Brick and concrete masonry veneers
   2 inches
Ceramics and veneers (architectural terra cotta, anchored type)
   1 inch
Clay tile (flat slab)
   1/4 to 1 inch
Clay tile (structural)
   13/4 inches
Glass-fiber reinforced concrete panels
   3/8 inch
Marble slabs
   1 inch
Precast stone facing
   5/8 inch
Stone (cast artificial)
   11/2 inches
Stone (natural)
   2 inches
Structural glass
   11/32 inch
Stucco or exterior plaster
   3/4 inch
Wood shingles
   3/8 inch
Wood siding (without sheathing)
   1/2 inch
   (B)   National electrical code, current edition.
   (C)   Illinois state plumbing code, current edition.
   (D)   Illinois state standards for road and bridge construction, current edition. (Ord. 1986, 11-22-2011)