(A)   When a public project is to be performed which qualifies for informal bidding, notice of such project shall be given as follows except where the product or service is proprietary:
      (1)   Mailed notice shall be sent to all contractors on the contractors list for the category of work being bid;
      (2)   Mailed notice shall be given to at least the minimum number of the construction trade journals specified by the Commission for the receipt of such notice for Ventura County; or
      (3)   Both of the above and such other additional notice as may be determined in the discretion of the city.
   (B)   If the product or service to be acquired is proprietary in nature such that it can only be obtained from a certain contractor or contractors, notice inviting bids may be sent only to such contractor or contractors provided the requirements of Cal. Public Contract Code § 3400 are complied with.
   (C)   All mailing of notices to contractors and construction trade journals shall be completed not less than ten calendar days before bids are due.
   (D)   The notice shall at a minimum describe the project in general terms, how to obtain more detailed information about the project and state the time and place for submission of bids.
(Ord. 1303, passed 9-16-20)