(A)   The amount of any tax, penalties, and interest imposed by the provisions of this subchapter shall be deemed a debt to the city and any person operating a cannabis business without having paid any applicable tax, penalties, and interest shall be liable in an action in the name of the city in any court of competent jurisdiction for the amount of the tax, and penalties and interest imposed on such cannabis business.
   (B)   If the Tax Administrator is not satisfied that any statement filed as required under the provisions of this subchapter is correct, or that the amount of tax is correctly computed, the Tax Administrator may compute and determine the amount to be paid and make a deficiency determination upon the basis of the facts contained in the statement or upon the basis of any information in his or her possession or that may come into his or her possession. One or more deficiency determinations of the amount of tax due for a period or periods may be made. When a person discontinues engaging in a cannabis business, a deficiency determination may be made at any time within three years thereafter as to any liability arising from engaging in such business whether or not a deficiency determination is issued prior to the date the tax would otherwise be due. Whenever a deficiency determination is made, notice shall be given to the person concerned in the same manner as notices of assessment are given under divisions (C), (D), and (E) of this section.
   (C)   Under any of the following circumstances, the Tax Administrator may make and give notice of an assessment of the amount of tax owed by a person under this subchapter:
      (1)   If the person has not filed any statement or return required under the provisions of this subchapter;
      (2)   If the person has not paid any tax due under the provisions of this subchapter;
      (3)   If the person has not, after demand by the Tax Administrator, filed a corrected statement or return, or furnished to the Tax Administrator adequate substantiation of the information contained in a statement or return already filed, or paid any additional amount of tax due under the provisions of this subchapter;
      (4)   If the Tax Administrator determines that the nonpayment of any tax due under this subchapter is due to fraud, a penalty of 25% of the amount of the tax shall be added thereto in addition to penalties and interest otherwise stated in this subchapter.
      (5)   The notice of assessment shall separately set forth the amount of any tax known by the Tax Administrator to be due or estimated by the Tax Administrator, after consideration of all information within the Tax Administrator's knowledge concerning the business and activities of the person assessed, to be due under each applicable section of this subchapter, and shall include the amount of any penalties or interest accrued on each amount to the date of the notice of assessment.
   (D)   The notice of assessment shall be served upon the person either by handing it to him or her personally, or by a deposit of the notice in the United States mail, postage prepaid thereon, addressed to the person at the address of the location of the cannabis business appearing on the face of the business license issued under this code, or to such other address as he or she shall register with the Tax Administrator for the purpose of receiving notices provided under this subchapter; or, should the person have no business license issued and should the person have no address registered with the Tax Administrator for such purpose, then to such person's last known address. For the purposes of this section, a service by mail is complete at the time of deposit in the United States mail.
   (E)   Within ten calendar days after the date of service the person may apply in writing to the Tax Administrator for a hearing on the assessment. If application for a hearing before the City is not made within the time herein prescribed, the tax assessed by the Tax Administrator shall become final and conclusive.
   (F)   If the person requests a hearing, the Tax Administrator shall cause the matter to be set for hearing, which shall be held within 30 calendar days after receipt of the written request for hearing. Notice of the time and place of the hearing shall be mailed by the Tax Administrator to such person at least ten calendar days prior to the hearing, and, if the Tax Administrator desires said person to produce specific records at such hearing, such notice may designate the records requested to be produced.
   (G)   At the time fixed for the hearing, the Tax Administrator shall hear all relevant testimony and evidence, including that of any other interested parties. At the discretion of the Tax Administrator, the hearing may be continued from time to time for the purpose of allowing the presentation of additional evidence. Within a reasonable time following the conclusion of the hearing, the Tax Administrator shall issue a final assessment (or non-assessment), by confirming, modifying or rejecting the original deficiency determination, and shall mail a copy of such final assessment to the person owing the tax. The decision of the Tax Administrator may be appealed pursuant to § 37.102.
   (H)   Unless appealed, payment of the final assessment shall become delinquent if not received by the Tax Administrator on or before the thirtieth calendar day following the date of receipt of the notice of final assessment. The penalty for delinquency shall be at the rates set forth herein, along with interest at the rate as set forth by resolution of the City Council, on the amount of the tax, exclusive of penalties, from the date of delinquency, until paid. The applicable statute of limitations regarding a claim by the city seeking payment of a tax assessed under this section shall commence from the date of delinquency as provided in this division.
(Ord. 1261, passed 11-6-18)