(A)   Waiver of personal appearance at hearing. In lieu of personally appearing at an administrative hearing, the responsible person may request that the hearing officer decide the matter based on the written appeal and any other documentary evidence submitted by the responsible person or Police Chief, or designee, before the hearing date.
   (B)   Failure to appear at hearing. Failure of a responsible person to appear at the hearing is deemed a waiver of the right to be personally present at the hearing. The hearing officer must then decide the matter based upon the written appeal, the response cost invoice, any documentary evidence previously submitted, and any additional evidence that may be presented at the hearing by the Police Chief or designee.
   (C)   Continuation of hearings. The hearing officer may continue any hearing and request additional information from the Police Chief, or designee, or responsible person before issuing a written decision.
(Ord. 1163, passed 8-7-06)