(A)   Responsible persons financially unable to make an advance deposit of the response costs, may file for a hardship waiver. The request for a hardship waiver must be filed with the City Clerk's office on a form containing information that may be required by the City Clerk. The City Clerk will review the request and determine whether a waiver is justified. A waiver may only be approved if the request for waiver is accompanied by a sworn affidavit, together with any supporting documents or materials, demonstrating the responsible person's actual financial inability to deposit the full amount of the fine.
   (B)   The City Clerk will inform the responsible person in writing regarding whether the City Clerk approved the waiver. This determination must be served upon the responsible person by mail at the address provided in the waiver application. The City Clerk's determination is final.
   (C)   Should the Clerk determine that a waiver is unjustified, the responsible person must deposit the response cost amount with the city not later than ten days after the date of that decision. Failure to make a deposit within ten days after waiver denial is deemed a waiver of the responsible person's right to an administrative appeal and the response costs will be deemed delinquent.
(Ord. 1163, passed 8-7-06)