(A)   All fees and charges levied for response costs are due and payable upon presentation.
   (B)   All response costs constitute a valid debt to the city and against the responsible person or, if the responsible person is a minor, the responsible person's parents and guardians.
   (C)   If a responsible person does not timely appeal the response cost invoice in accordance with this chapter, and if any amount remains unpaid after reasonable and practical attempts have been made by the city to obtain payment, the City Manager, or designee, is authorized to take all legal and practicable collection efforts to recover the outstanding debt, together with any penalties, any related charges and fees accrued due to nonpayment.
   (D)   The City Attorney is authorized to file an action on the city's behalf for injunctive relief, or other appropriate civil action, to require the responsible person to comply with this chapter.
   (E)   Fees and charges to be levied for recovering city costs for notification and collection of delinquent accounts will be established by City Council resolution. Such fees and charges are part of the response costs.
   (F)   A court rendering a judgment pursuant to this section may, in addition to any other order provided by law, require the payment of reasonable attorney's fees, and costs of investigation, discovery and court costs.
(Ord. 1163, passed 8-7-06)