For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly requires or indicates a different meaning.
   ABANDONED SHOPPING CART. Any shopping cart removed from the premises of an owner without the owner's written consent, whether the shopping cart is located on private or public property.
   CITY MANAGER. The city's City Manager or designee.
   LAUNDRY CART. A basket mounted on wheels and used in a coinoperated laundry or dry-cleaning retail establishment by customers or attendants for the purpose of transporting fabrics and the supplies necessary to process them.
   OWNER. The person owning, or exercising possession and control over, shopping carts for the use of the owner's customers in connection with the management and operation of the owner's business enterprise. OWNER includes, without limitation, officer, employees, and agents of an owner.
   PREMISES. The entire area owned and utilized by a business establishment that provides shopping carts for use by customers, including any parking lot or other off-street area provided by or for an owner for use by a customer for parking an automobile or other vehicle.
   PUBLIC PROPERTY. The outdoor common area of any building, business premises, apartment building or complex, or other premises or portion thereof which is adjacent to public property, open to the public, and which contains a shopping cart or shopping carts visible at street or ground level from the adjacent public property.
   SHOPPING CART. A basket mounted on wheels or a similar device generally used in a retail establishment by a customer for the purpose of transporting goods of any kind, including a laundry cart.
(Ord. 1094, passed 2-17-04)