An owner shall not be required to provide relocation assistance under this subchapter if any of the following conditions are demonstrated:
   (A)   A tenant or a guest or invitee of the tenants caused or substantially contributed to the substandard conditions cited in the notice of violation; or
   (B)   The tenants are displaced as a direct result of a natural disaster, as such term is defined in Cal. Gov't Code § 8680.3; and:
      (1)   The city determines that the actions or omissions of the owner or owner's agent did not contribute to the disaster's impact on the unit;
      (2)   The tenants were not already entitled to relocation assistance under the provisions of this subchapter at the time of the disaster;
   (C)   The tenants are displaced as a result of a lawful eviction initiated prior to the notice of violation;
   (D)   The owner shall have the burden of proving that any exemption in this section is applicable.
(Ord. 1011, passed 11-4-96)