Unless the contrary is stated or clearly appears from the context, the following definitions govern the construction of the words and phrases used in this chapter:
   RESIDENCE means a structure which is or is intended to be, in whole or in part, a place of dwelling, whether occupied or not, whether fully constructed or not, and includes, without limitation, homes, whether attached to another structure or not, apartments, condominiums and mobile homes.
   SELF-REGENERATING WATER SOFTENING APPLIANCES (SRWS) means a water softening device that removes calcium and magnesium salts from water by using an ion-exchange resin utilizing a chloride based exchange during the ion-exchange process. The ion-exchange resin used in SRWS's is recharged by using a chloride based brine solution which is subsequently discharged into the city's sewer system. SRWS's may be automatically recharged by timer or sensor.
(Ord. 1160, passed 9-5-06)